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ScentedLand flavor and fragrance Co., Ltd.

ScentedLand flavor and fragrance Co., Ltd. is a production factory of daily chemical essence and food essence. The company's headquarters is located at No.6 Siming Industrial Park, Huandong Sea Area, Tong 'an District, Xiamen City, and has a branch factory in Zhangzhou City. A research and development center for creating fragrance was set up in Yincheng Zhigu, Tong 'an District, Xiamen. A marketing center has been set up in Guangzhou Baiyun Greenland Huichuang International.
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Fujian Daily-chemical Chamber of Commerce Visits

On June 23, 2020, Fujian Daily Chamber of Commerce came to Xiamen Xinmilan Flavors and Fragrances Co., Ltd. to visit and guide.

Warm congratulations to Xin Milan's new official website officially launched

Xiamen Xin Milan Flavor & Fragrance Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of flavors and fragrances. It has more than 17000 kinds of flavors and its products are sold all over the world. The company has an excellent R & D team, and currently has 8 perfumers. The main perfumer graduated from Shanghai University of Applied Technology with a major in flavors and fragrances, or exchange exchanges with a well-known French perfume company! Has an independent, modern production workshop. Products from the raw materials into the warehouse, production, factory are strictly implemented ISO international standards, at the same time by modern technology and modern equipment to control support. Existing equipment imported from Agilent GC-MS, Japan Shimadzu GC-2010PLUS, Anton

Flavor discoloration problem uncertainty

Flavor composition is complex, is composed of several or even dozens of kinds of incense raw materials, according to the formula of perfumer modulation, quality of raw materials, flavor production equipment material, flavor finished production and storage environment as well as the compatibility of perfumer formula and so on...

Basic knowledge of flavor

A variety of flavor in the aroma components, as a result of the molecules in constant movement, collision, each collision of two or c more molecules, it is possible to form a new molecule, easier to imagine and understand...

Discoloration caused by exposure to metal ions

Phenols in fragrance raw materials, such as ethyl maltol, eugenol and other added to the flavor products containing iron ions will react to generate red or brown substances, resulting in the whole flavor product color becomes red, because phenol is easy to generate...